For as long as I can remember I’ve been doing my own manicures. It’s pretty easy, saves you money and is much easier on your cuticles!

As I’m very uncoordinated at it, I will go into the salon for just a polish change, especially if I want a dark or bright color. But the other day I went in to a new nail spa and was so disappointed. The charge was $10 which would be fine but I wasn’t wearing any polish for them to remove in the first place and in the second place, the technician didn’t bother to use alcohol on my nails before polishing and consequently two of my nails chipped the same day! (alcohol removes any natural oils on the nail bed making the polish adhere better) I would go back for a repair but it’s hard to find the time. Nude polishes, I do myself as you can’t really see the mistakes but now I’m committed to doing the bright colors at home too!

If you’re interested in DIY-ing your own,  these the steps of my at home manicure.

  • Keep your cuticles moisturized every few days. I often use olive oil but I also can’t help but by something pretty sometimes too! This one smells divine!
  • Trim and file your nails to the shape you like. Personally I like oval.
  • Apply some kind of cuticle softener. I use this one but there are many to choose from!
  • Gently push the cuticles back towards the hands. I prefer something soft for this like the silicone tipped one in the photo or an orange-wood stick. These are also great for cleaning under the nails and super affordable!
  •  I recommend using your cuticle nippers only to trim hangnails or dead skin around the nails — not the cuticle itself. My opinion is, if you cut your cuticles they will become thicker!
  • Apply hand cream and massage in.
  • Use alcohol to clean up nail beds and remove any oils.
  • Apply polish! And if you’re looking for a great looking nude, that lasts and lasts try this one called “You Can Count on It” by OPI.

In Health and Happiness,



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