“makeup has always been a way to express yourself, communicate who you are and disrupt the norm”


Tribal whites- Subtle or bold but definitely a shakeup in your everyday makeup

 Rainbow eye-shadows and lip colors- because we need more rainbows!

glitter-1lots of it- Glitter lips, glitter eyes, glitter cheeks and glitter highlighters! If you can think of more places to wear it, then go for it!



Pastel lips- these atypical colors are becoming more and more mainstream. if you’re not wearing some fun pastel colors, maybe it’s time to consider it.lips


The deconstructed look- think eyeliner that breaks off in an unexpected place, smoky eyes with no mascara, un-blended shadow, bottom eyeliner.

The key here is unfinished.

Two Toned Lips- I’m going to make a guess that all of us have enough lipstick in our drawer to try this trend right away.


 Halloween’s over! But why not Snapchat makeup everyday?


 Makeup is so many things to so many people. Enjoy what it has to offer you.

In Health and Happinss,














































































































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