Juline Hamilton

Snail Mucin (yes, snail slime)

IMG_9058 Taken at a market in France.

What I want to know is- Who was the first person to put this on their face?

Why should YOU be interested?

Below are some of the claims I’ve found for snail mucin through articles, cosmetic brands & ingredient companies. However, I only found one clinical study, and the one claim it mentions is some antibacterial properties. Somehow this info does make some sense to me, but you decide for yourself 🙂

▶ Reduces scars and imperfections, removes damaged cells
▶ Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
▶ Helps to maintain the natural elasticity and density of the skin
▶ Improves moisture retention capacity of the skin and prevents dryness
▶ Helps to promote natural healing process
▶ Treats acne, stretch marks and scars
▶ Anti-aging, reduces fine facial lines and wrinkles

8763031_59e087f94bHELISKIN, one snail ingredient company, says that…

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