Spring thy name is color!

Every Spring I long for fresh new color! To the makeup artist in me, there is nothing more  dreamy than new eye shadow palette!

Below are the four I want to add to my collection!

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Spring & Summer Glow Eye Shadow Palette.

I love the mix of warm sunny neutrals with the pastel coral and vibrant turquoise. The whole thing is like a soft Caribbean sunset!


Couture Palette Collector in Indie Jaspe

Sadly, this palette is sold out everywhere I’ve looked, probably because the case and the colors are so delicate and feminine. But I will continue hunting for this ethereal opalescent collection!

M.A.C Pastel X Nine Shadow Palette

 Who doesn’t love M.A.C? There’s good reason this is a makeup artists go to brand. This pastel colored spring palette is a pretty perfect example and includes a variety of textures including matte satin and frosted.

Bobbi Brown Sunkist Pink Eye Palette

Meet your go to, everyday spring summer eye look!
Use the cream shade as your base, blend either the shimmery pink or sparkly bronze on the lid and if you want a bit more drama work the coffee color into the lash line!
I have literally used Bobbi Brown palettes on every television show and movie I’ve ever worked on. The quality is impeccable and the colors are both blendable and buildable
and they just work on everyone.

In Health & Happiness,


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