Every year winter comes and with it, dry, cracked, irritated, skin.


Even here in Southern California we’ve had a bit more winter than last year and with that, everyone I talk to is experiencing more sensitized skin. If you find yourself asking “what the heck is going on with my skin and what can I do about it: then these  easy, affordable tips are for you!

First and foremost I suggest a humidifier. Humidifiers are a great beauty tool! They literally infuses the air with moisture. This will increase the moisture in our skin. When air is dry, as it is during winter, skin can’t hold onto as much moisture to begin with and the moisture in your skin will  begin to evaporate when it’s cold and dry enough. I suggest a small portable humidifier that you can have in your bedroom at night and maybe in your office during the day. Make sure to keep  the water changed often so bacteria doesn’t grow. I personally prefer a warm mist humidifier but cool mist will work too!

You can go pricey high tech at $499 with this one from Dyson. Or you can go low tech with a simple bowl of water!


Stop with the super hot showers! Hard to do when it’s so cold out and a hot shower or bath sounds so good but the heat from the water will just strip the skin of it’s natural oils. Try to keep the temperature lukewarm and really slather on your oils and moisturizers afterwords, especially while the skin is still damp, to trap in the moisture!

Drink more water! Yea we all probably need to do this anyhow but when you’re dehydrated your body will send water to almost all other organs before it sends it to the skin, so staying hydrated keeps all our organs, including our skin, healthier and happier!

Alcohol is dehydrating! This is a sad one because I love a little aperitif a few times a week. If you do too, then follow up each cocktail with a glass of water to keep dehydration at bay.

A great way to remove dry dead cells without damaging the lipid barrier.

Your lipid barrier is the key to holding onto your existing moisture. Keep yours healthy by cutting out over exfoliating products, such as strong glycolic acids and physical scrubs. Choose enzymes instead to gently digest dead cells and leave the healthy lipid barrier intact.

Increase your EFA’s (essential fatty acids) with a daily dose of healthy oils both topically and internally. Omega 3’s found in fish, olive oil, flax-seeds and walnuts will help keep you moisturized from the inside out. While oils like Argan oil, rosehip seed oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil and macadamia nut oil and other fruit seed oils are all loaded with EFA’s that can be delivered topically. Find one you like and start slathering it on.

This one is lightweight but keeps your skin dewy for hours!

Finally, shield your skin from the harsh elements. Nothing will chap your skin faster than a cold wind on it. So don’t forget to get our your scarf and wrap up!

Photo Credit Alen-D iStockGetty Images



In Health and Happiness,

PS- Remember I work for Osmosis Skincare. But I work there because I love and believe in the products!

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