What sounds like a new trend in skincare tools is really an ancient way to improve your skin. So when it comes to Jade Rolling; Everything old is new again!


Jade Rolling is an ancient technique, literally used to beauty for centuries! It’s simple too! You can easily use it at home with your products of choice and it can help with a whole host of facial and body concerns.

When you purchase a Jade Roller it typically comes with instructions for massage techniques, just pick one that addresses your needs. And because I can’t help myself, I’ve also included a few tips and tricks for you to try below.

Refrigerate or Freeze your jade roller-
Using your jade roller while cool will help to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. Wonderful for soothing dry itchy skin. It makes a great after microdermabrasion skin soother. Also very soothing a few days after a chemical peel.

Reduce under-eye puffiness-
Use the smaller side of the roller for the under eye area and roll from the outside in. This helps move the fluid out of the under eye area. Again a cool roller will help to reduce puffiness.


Increase serum penetration
After cleansing and exfoliating, apply your serum, get out your jade roller and roll the entire face until the serum is thoroughly penetrated.

Stimulate lymphatic drainage-
Massage all over to reduce fluid retention. This is great on the sinus area!

Improve circulation-
Circulation is totally underrated when it comes to healthy skin. After all most of the nutrients your skin needs come from the blood so the blood needs to reach the surface. Jade rolling is an excellent way to make that happen. (also look for a high does of niacinamide in your skin care products! increasing your vitamin B-3 wont hurt either!)

There is also a jade scraping tool. The scraping technique is called Gua Sha. I’ve seen some pretty crazy scraping going on that leaves dark red scrape/bruise marks on the skin. I personally don’t condone this type of rough treatment because I don’t believe you need to harm the skin to get the results you’re looking for. Please use this type of tool to GENTLY scrape the skin for a mild exfoliation. It should not be done so hard it leaves a mark. I suggest using it after a double cleanse and application of your favorite facial oil.

1015614_01_Gua-Sha-Jade-Heart-shapeIn Health and Happiness




    1. I am anesthetician too I never seen calling Jade I have Jay but it comes in stones I am also interested in these how do I get them someone can let me know I appreciate it!


  1. It looks very exciting how do I get a pair I am an aesthetician too please let me know how do I order thank you ! kindlyCally!


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