Let’s start with the assumption that you have a good color that matches your skin well! (test it on your neck and jawline to make sure)

Prepping your skin is KEY! I recommend an antioxidant serum followed by a moisturizer for your skin type followed by an eye cream. Personally I’m not a fan of primers because with the right prepping it feels like too much to me but if you love them you can use it after your serum and moisturizer.

Once your skin is properly hydrated apply a liquid, cream or powder foundation. The products I used most for television film and photo shoots are pictured below.

This powder won’t look white and powdery in photos and it’s amazing on oilier skin types.
An absolute creamy dream to use. Love it with a foundation brush. Great on dryer skin types for that soft luscious look.
The gold standard of liquid makeup and so many color options! Use it on any skin type for weightless, build-able flawless coverage.

Personally I’m a makeup sponge girl and I do love the Beauty Blender. But sometimes the product dictates the tool. For the Pressed base if I want full coverage I use the sponge, if I want lighter coverage I will use the kabuki brush. For the liquid and cream foundations I typically apply with the sponge and finish it up with a foundation brush to buff it all in nicely. This is also the time to use any liquid or cream concealers for highlighting and contouring. It’s better to apply concealer after your foundation otherwise it tends rub off and disappear!

The Original!

Now for my secret step! I use my hands to press the foundation into the skin. Its kind of a press and roll technique mostly done with my fingers. This warms up the makeup and melds it with your skin leaving you flawless!

You could end here and I often do because the look is very fresh and dewy, which I like. But if you need your foundation to be more long lasting then let’s move on to setting the makeup.

Then the best way to set any kind of liquid foundation is with a loose translucent powder dusted lightly all over. Then press and roll with your hands a second time.  If you have very dry skin then I recommend setting your makeup with a setting spray. Mineral powders may not need setting but if it’s looking too dry, I will use this same spray.


A little disclosure, I am now working for Osmosis Pur medical Skincare and have recommended a few of their products here. These are products I used prior to working for Osmosis and have truly used them on shoots.

This style of Kabuki Brush is what I use and the cover photo is my favorite liquid foundation brush from Shiseido.


In Health and Happiness,






  1. This is great, really helped since there are so many tips out there its nice to see them all laid out in a way that makes sense lol


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