1. Double Cleanse! I personally love to start with an oil cleanser to really break up oil based pollution then follow up with an enzyme cleanser that will begin to digest dead skin cells.
  2. Enzyme Mask! There are a lot of good ones out there look for one that has either bromelain (from pineapple) and papain (from papaya) in it. Even better if it has both! Another great option at this time of year are pumpkin enzyme masks
  3. Steam! Put your tea kettle on and while that’s heating up get into your herbs and pick a few out! I like dried lavender and fresh rosemary mixed with rose petals! Smells divine and it’s quite therapeutic as well! Pour hot water (not scalding) into a bowl, grab your towel and lean in for 5-10 min. Keep the bowl of herbal water around and soak a washcloth in it.
  4. Extractions! If you were ever going to do your own extractions, now is the time. Only extract what is ready to come out, don’t force anything! Dab extracted spots with a swab dipped in witch hazel. Don’t use witch hazle on your entire face.
  5. Massage! Use a facial oil designed for your skin type. Don’t skimp on this part as massage brings your skin back to life by increasing the blood flow among many other beneficial things.
  6. Blot! Remove excess oil with the towel you were soaking in your herbal infused water.
  7. Serum! During the day I suggest an antioxidant serum such as Vitamin C. If you do your facial in the evening then I suggest a Vitamin A serum.
  8. Eyes! Use an eye cream or an eye serum first followed by a cream.
  9. Moisturize! Use a moisturizer for your skin type.
  10. Sunscreen! USE. IT ALWAYS! (well not always, daytime only of course!)

220px-Hibiscus_Delight_tisaneIn Health & Happiness,

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