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Chlorophyll is a green pigment present in plants which allows them to absorb energy from light via photosynthesis, essentially providing them with an unlimited food/energy source keeping them alive without the need for outside food. If Chlorophyll is keeping plants alive it stands to reason its keeping the planet alive!

Schematic of photosynthesis in plants. The carbohydrates produced are stored in or used by the plant.


This ability to convert light to energy is what makes Chlorophyll an interesting skincare ingredient! However due to the fact that it’s oil soluble and not water soluble  stabilizing this ingredient proved difficult, even with a stabilizing ingredients added.

A Chlorophyll favorite of mine – Acrona Magic Green Ice.

Cut to the development of Chlorophyllin, a substance derived from chlorophyll, which is a manufactured somewhat synthetic ingredient containing Chlorophyll mixed with either sodium or copper. When you read the word Chlorophyll on an ingredient deck, it is usually this. One study shows promising antioxidant activity and antimutagenic activity (reducing the rate of cell mutation) when taken internally. So the credibility for it working in a similar way when applied topically is pretty solid as well. For those of you interested, it rates a 3-5 or moderate on the EWG scale for overall health concerns. This is due to the copper component.

Contains Chlorophylilin-Copper Complex


Some brands, like Acure Organics, are using yet another form called Organic Chlorella Pyrenoidosa a concentrated and vacuum evaporated extract AKA- Chlorella Growth Factor. In studies it shows a 220% increase in blood vessel density, meaning this would be great for controlling redness in the skin. The fact that it’s also an antimutagenic would also improve overall skin cell quality and keep your collagen and elastin fibers protected from mutation.

Contains Chlorella Growth Factor which helps rejuvenate damaged skin cells
Contains CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor

So, Chlorophyll is antibacterial, fights free radicals, reduces inflammation, supports the capillaries, protects collagen and elastin fibers and as an added bonus, when taken internally can help alleviate bad breath! Pretty much all good news when it comes to healthy radiant skin!

It occurs to me that due to the natural activity of Chlorophyll and it’s light absorbing properties,  it could make you a bit more sun sensitive so be cautious out there!

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