What is Glycation and why is it making our skin wrinkle, sag and dry out?

Juline Hamilton

It’s sugar baby! Too much of it is not so sweet on your face!


First thing you need to know is that Glycation is a major cause of aging! Due to said Glycation our once firm, juicy collagen and elastin protein fibers, wrinkle, sag and dry out!


We all know outsidefactors such as sun exposure and pollution can trigger extrinsic/external skin aging, but scientific evidence points to another culprit: glucose/sugar-driven intrinsic or internal aging.

Glucose/sugar is a vital cellular fuel. However, based on the accelerated rate of aging seen in diabetics, chronic glucose/sugar exposure has long been known to affect how the body ages by a process called Glycation. (source)

In a nutshell, Glycation is when sugar molecules attach themselves to protein molecules (ie your collagen and elastin found in the dermis) causing Advanced Glycation End Products or AEG’s which cause the above protein fibers to become crystallized making…

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