Circadian Rhythms and why its important to your skin.


Our skin cells have their own built in ability to help protect themselves at different times of the day with the help of a biological process called Circadian Rhythm. The circadian rhythm schedules our sleep wake cycle according to the exposure of light and dark throughout a 24-hour cycle.

Human skin must cope with UV radiation from the sun and other harmful environmental factors that fluctuate in a circadian manner. A study published by Cell Press on October 10th in the journal Cell Stem Cell has revealed that human skin stem cells deal with these cyclical threats by carrying out different functions depending on the time of day.

“Our study shows that human skin stem cells possess an internal clock that allows them to very accurately know the time of day and helps them know when it is the best to perform the correct function” study author Salvador Aznar Benitah stated in a press release. “This is important because it seems that tissues need an accurate internal clock to remain healthy” Benitah added. “We know that the clock is gradually disrupted in aged humans, and we know that preventing stem cells from accurately knowing the time of the day reduces their regenerative capacity”

We know it’s important to get our beauty sleep, and even though this study suggest some natural UV protection it is not enough to prevent premature aging and potential skin cancers. So please continue to wear your SPF!

The best news is the scientific efforts being made to “identify the causes underlying the disruption of the clock of human skin stem cells and hopefully find means to prevent or delay it.”

In Health and Happiness

Juline Hamilton

Journal Reference:

  1. Janich et al. Human epidermal stem cell function is regulated by circadian oscillations. Cell Stem Cell, October 2013

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