Copper is reported to be a collagen and elastin boosting, acne scar smoothing, hair thickening, redness reducing, wonder ingredient! (source).

Found on your products ingredient deck as Copper tripeptide-1, this might just be an ingredient that lives up to it’s claims!

One clinical study, which compared the effect on the skin’s production of collagen after using creams containing copper-peptides, vitamin C, or retinoic acid (retin-A) Twenty volunteers applied the various creams to their thighs daily for one month. New collagen production was determined by studying skin biopsy samples using immunohistological techniques. (source)The study found, that after one month, copper-peptides had the most significant effect on collagen production. Significant increases in collagen production were found in 70% of the persons treated with copper-peptide creams, 50% of the persons treated with the vitamin C cream, and 40% of the persons treated with retinoic acid. Pretty impressive right?

Below are a few of my favorite products with Copper Tripeptide1.

I have been using IS Clinical’s Super Serum Advanced with time released vitamin C and Copper Peptides for over 5 years. When I’m out of it, I notice a difference in my skin, and it’s not an improvement! While it is somewhat pricey, it really does work!

IS Clinical Super Serum


Truth Vitality Advanced Complex is a one of a kind, all natural hair serum uses copper peptides and vitamin B5 as the active ingredients to stimulate healthy hair growth and reduce shedding. As I recently started noticing more hair loss at each shampooing, I got right onto this product. All you do is apply two pumps to your damp scalp, after washing and before drying. Et voila, I have a lot less hair in the drain since using it. Too bad the packaging is so small, but if you’re looking for results, give it a try!


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