It’s  images-1 time! So suit up bikini babes!

Time for bikinis, surfing, sunbathing and potential ingrown hairs! Frequent waxing and shaving can cause ingrown hairs which as you know, are unsightly and uncomfortable. And due to the sensitive nature of this area,  you have to be careful how you handle them!

Here is what to do.

  1. Start by using an exfoliating scrub do remove dead skin cells. I like this one by Derma-e because, the natural dead sea salt and volcanic sand buff away those dull surface cells. And because it’s enriched antioxidants like  grapeseed oil and vitamin E.

    Derma-e Microdermatrasion scrub.
  2. Next, use a warm compress to gently press on both sides of the affected area twice to three times per day.
  3. Only when the hair is at the surface of the skin (this could take several days) use a sterilized tweezers to pull it out. I use a very pointed tweezers such as these by Tweezerman especially made for ingrown hair and splinter removal.

    Tweezerman Ingrown Hair and Splinter Tweezers
  4. Do not use Retin A or other retinols on the bikini area unless approved by your doctor!
  5. You can use a cortisone cream if the area is very red/inflamed, but do not get it inside the body or on the most tender bits!
  6. If any of the bumps begin to look infected, (pus, swelling, expanding redness) please see your Dermatologist!

In Health and Happiness,


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