It’s been said and written, that we need to re-apply sunscreen approximately every 2 hours.1024px-Sunbaker_maxdupain_nga76.54But, if we already have our makeup on and maybe said makeup has a sunscreen in it, and we’re inside at work, do we still need to re-apply?

I say, not as often as every 2 hours. However, if you’re sitting near a window, walking to lunch, or walking outside for exercise? Then yes, you should re-apply. “I don’t want to mess up my makeup” you say. “Use a powdered sunblock”, I say!

Simply blot your makeup first, with oil blotting papers or even a square of TP // brush on the sunscreen powder gently over your makeup.

It’s a good idea to brush some onto other exposed areas such as your scalp ears and shoulders as well. Then head out for your walk! Below are my personal favorites Colorescience and Susan Posnik, they’re both talc free, and they don’t mess up your makeup at all!

Click the photos for more info.

Colorscience SPF
Susan Posnik
Tarte Not So Slick Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers

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