Lounging pool-side or beach-side is a summer must, but it can lead to faded color, split ends and green hair!

So, if you want that gorgeous-looking, head-turning, beachy-hair all summer long, follow these simple tips:

1. The best thing to do with your hair before hitting the surf and pool the summer is to pack on the conditioner and I mean really soak it then slick it back into a chic ponytail or bun. The goal here is to fill in all the damaged gaps with the conditioner so the salt water and sun don’t further destroy it. (Personally, I use the cheapest conditioner I can find as those are the most waxy and that makes them more difficult for the chlorine and salt water to remove. You can also use an hair oil’s  which will essentially do the same thing in a more natural less waxy/cheap way)


2. Rinse hair immediately after swimming, even if you plan to go back in. This will prevent the salt water and pool chemicals from building up in the hair and potentially turning it green!


3. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your scalp. Areas like your part and your hairline are often missed!

4. Use a sunscreen for your hair! Hair color will fade and your hair will dry in the sun, surf and chlorine. This one from Aveda is what I use.


5. Invest in a great sunhat! Personally I love a massive brimmed hat like the one at the top of the post because it helps to protect not only your head and scalp but also your face and neck, possibly chest too.

Painting of woman in big black had against yellow background
Black Hat (Bettina) 2010 by Alex Katz. Photograph: Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris – Salzburg

6. Get a Trim! Frequent but light trims will get rid of sun damage and prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and doing further damage!


7. Use an after-sun shampoo like this one from Rene Furterer. It removes chlorine and salt water build up.


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