(Source- Journal of Investigative Dermatology)

Pollution particles are all around us everyday. Not only are we breathing them in, but they’re sticking to the natural oils and makeup on our skin. And, because these particles are literally smaller than our pores, they go really deep into the skin making it difficult to get them out of there! I know, Yuck!


More pronounced nasolabial folds (as shown below) were linked with exposure to soot, traffic particle emissions, and background PM- AKA – Ambient Particulate Matter.640px-Nasolabial_fold

And not just wrinkles, but SPOTS! In fact, an increase in soot and particles from traffic was associated with 20% more pigment spots on forehead and cheeks!

The article provides evidence that “ambient particulate matter (PM or air pollution) affects skin aging. The authors studied 400 elderly white, northern European women and, using a modified SCINEXA—a validated scoring system for intrinsic and extrinsic aging—found that air pollution exposure contributed to extrinsic aging, in particular, to pigment spot development.” (Source)

The first thing that comes to my mind to prevent this pollution damage is antioxidants, and some MD’s do think antioxidants are the key to fighting ozone. But, studies examining the beneficial role of antioxidants in reversing the effects of ambient PM have yet to be done! So now what? The very best way to control the damaging effects of pollution on your skin is – WASH YOUR FACE! Every. Night.iStock_000002212557XSmall

My favorite type of cleanser to really dissolve these types of oil pollutants, is an oil cleanser. You see, oil attracts oil so the oily pollution particles will naturally bind  to the oil in the cleanser and then rinse clean away when you rinse your face! This one by DHC is an affordable one that I’ve personally tried and like, but there are many out there!


Another great way to get rid of that, deep down in there, particulate pollution, is with sonic cleansing. I’m personally a huge fan of the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush and have been using it on myself and my clients for years. Clarisonic also has a “Pollution Discovery Meter” on their website so you can check the level of pollution in your neck of the woods. Los Angeles is by far the worst!


A few other options are; Spa Sonic  a lower priced option, and the DDF Revolve 500X Micro-Polishing System a mid price option.

In a pinch, I do recommend cleansing wipes! I know a lot of people, especially estheticians, don’t like these, because they know a lot of dirt and pollution is left behind, which is true,  but in my mind its better than not cleansing at all. I use these when I’m being a bit of a lazy girl!


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