retinolcorexion The short answer is yes! Retinols are by far one of the smartest things you can do in the anti-aging department, however there are a few things to consider before getting started.

  1. Do you have Rosacea or Psoriasis? If so you should check with your dermatologist before starting a Retinol regime.
  2. Do you have a rash or open sores (not acne) ? Again please check with your derm, better safe than sorry!

For the record I, like many of you, have very sensitive skin. Red, irritated, flaky around the nose, bumpy around they eyes and often blotchy.  But I love the science behind Retinols a Vitamin A derivative. There is nothing better and more studied to improve all sorts of skin issue. Because I believe in this science I have used Retinols off and on for years, but I always ended up stopping due to my skin becoming too irritated to continue using it. Everything I read said to just suffer through the irritation phase, but I couldn’t, it was too uncomfortable. Finally in my late 30’s I was working with a dermatologist who suggested I set up a Retinol Schedule. Genius!

Months Using Retinol Frequency of Use per Week in the PM
Month 1 Use 1 time per week.
Month 2 Use 2 times per week but not 2 nights in a row.
Month 3 Use 3 times per week again not 2 nights in a row.
Month 4 Use 4 times per week. Every other night.

Begin by using the product once per week for the first month, then adding it one more night each new month until you’re at the “every other night” point. I’m telling you, this worked so well for my sensitive skin and I know it can work for yours too! One other thing to note with Retinols, is less is more. No need to slather it on in gobs, because the skin is extremely capable of absorbing Retinols and thus needs only a very little bit applied. Using too often and too much may result in irritation. A little bit used over time will still give you results! As Dr. Ranella Hirsch, M.D., past president of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons, says, “For any women who wants to reduce fine lines and even out her skin tone, Retinols supplement what the skin needs when its’ cell-turnover and collagen-making process slows down.” She also said this  “So many people do aggressive things like peels, resurfacing and lasers, but if you’re not wearing sunscreen, you’re not doing much.” So please keep it in mind, you need to do it! RetCorrex_Sensitve_NIGHT_Tube_0Ive been using this Roc Retinol product for quite some time now, and love my results! (not sponsored)

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