Premium Beauty News: In-cosmetics announces Green Ingredient Award shortlist

Yep, the Green Ingredient trend isn’t going anywhere. Below are my top two picks for the In-Cosmetics Green Ingredient Awards!

  • Hydrosoluble celery Cell Culture extract, which in vitro is very efficient in stimulating pro-collagen I and III, and fibronectin. Akosky Apium is produced from one celery seed which is grown and a leaf used to create liquid cell cultures. This process means no celery plants are grown avoiding the need for soil, water, extractors and organic solvents.


  • Scurvy Grass Extract, a 100% natural extract of the Scurvy Grass plant (Cochlearia officinalis), which is rich in Vitamin C, a recognised anti-ageing agent. Used in the Clarins Capital Lumière range, it has radiance, nourishing and moisturising properties. Scurvy Grass Extract is manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory and thanks to selective solvents and a high-performance manufacturing process, Alban Muller International uses less plant, positively impacting transportation, waste and solvent use, as well as carbon footprint.


Premium Beauty News – in-cosmetics announces Green Ingredient Award shortlist.

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