What Are The Hot Skin Care Trends For 2014?


I asked around! I did a lot of research! And this is what I found!

CELL-TO-CELL COMMUNICATORS This topic turned up over and over again so I’m calling it out as a bonifide trend!If an ingredient can get our skin cells communicating clearly, then all the better for our skin!

Nrf2 Activators:  These sound pretty interesting to me. Here is how they work; Sort of a master switch to turn on anti-aging communication properties within the human cell.   Activation of this Nrf2 protein helps the body produce it’s most important antioxidants.  Great! So what actually activates Nrf2? Some examples are Black Bamboo and Turmeric. Estee Lauder is using Black Bamboo in theirs, but it is not yet available in the USA.

Glycans: A  sugar molecule that aid in cellular communication.  Found on the surface of skin cells, glycans work to ensure cell messages are transmitted in a targeted manner. By re-establishing cellular communication they are said to help restore skin’s youthfulness. Rhamnose turns up as one ingredient name and found in the Uncaria plant family. Uncaria_gambir_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-275

MULTIFUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS This isn’t surprising as we’ve seen it coming what with all the BB, CC creams which provide not only anti-aging properties but also some kind of foundation or tinted moisturizer and sun protection all in one. Another example of a multifunctional product are the beauty oils. These can often be used not only on the facial complexion but also in the hair for conditioning and adding shine, on the cuticles for improving dryness and nail health and you can even use them on the whole body as a moisturizer AND in some cases like with my personal favorite Rodin it also functions as a fragrance!


TAKING IT UP A NOTCH Retinols, Vitamin C, Peptides, Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Exfoliating Acids are all ingredients that work, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere, but some of these ingredients are being used in a fresh way!


Take Vitamin C for example. Et-VCTM is a new generation of Vitamin C derivative that claims to offer a better overall performance than traditional L-Ascorbic Acid. Other claims include , superb whitening effects, a boost in collagen synthesis and protection from DNA damage. It does exhibit strong inhibition effect on melanogenesis, reduces dark spots and age spots, fights photoaging by interfering with inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-6, and reverse ROS production to achieve free radical scavenging purposes.


The other example here is Retinol combined with E-Pulse technology-  RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System claims to have this E Pulse technology which as far as I can tell is supposed to be a fusion of Zinc and Copper which delivers an imperceptible current of energy. The Retinol is applied first and the E Pulse serum goes over the top of that. They say it is “Clinically proven to be up to four times more effective than a series of three dermatologist peels*.” There are a lot of good reviews on the site as well such as this one; “I took a picture of my skin 30 days before I started to use this product and what a difference it made was astounding! It really works!!” Personally I would try it because I think Roc does do Retinol right, I just don’t love all the parabens and silicone’s in the product.

PERSONALIZED-  Truth be told, everyone’s skin is special and unique and no one product works for us all. Each person responds to skincare products differently, so why not have something a bit more personalized for your skin type?


Previse Skincare is a Cape Cod based natural skin car company which is centered on personalized professional skincare. At the core of the company is a website, previsecare.com which asks target questions to determine your personal skin type and regime. I also love this line because its all natural with great active ingredients and there are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates or silicone’s! All the good and none of the bad.

I hope you enjoy my skincare trend predictions for 2014! 

In Health And Happiness


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