4 Tips for De-stressing the Holidays

1. Meditate


Anyone can practice meditation and you can do it anywhere! It’s simple and inexpensive, even the Mayo Clinic says so! Go somewhere that’s comfortable and quiet. Close your eyes. Take a few cleansing breaths then slow down your breathing and say to yourself when you breath in “bring in health and happiness” when you breath out say “take out negativity and stress” Try repeating that several times as you inhale and exhale deeply.

2. Massage


The benefits of massage can be incredible. It soothes your nerves, lubricates your joints, , tones your muscles, keeps your skin smooth, detoxes your body, and more. Its also a great way to moisturize your skin in this dry winter weather! To really get the benefits of deep moisturization, exfoliate at home first. If you live in the Los Angeles area, try my favorite place- Wi-Spa

3. Tea time


Green tea has been shown to be beneficial to our bodies in so many ways! The ritual of sitting down with a hot tea, relaxes your nerves, boosts your immune system and reduces inflammation.

4. Take a Bath


Not too hot though! Use a rich bath oil to moisturize and hydrate, go for a few candles and breath deeply. Think of bath time as a place to wash your worries away.

In Health and Happiness
Juline Hamilton

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