Daily Sunscreen CAN Prevent Photo-Aging


I know, you’ve all been told this a million times, and I don’t want to sound like your nagging mother, but new truths have come to light! I simply must share this info with all of you, so you can benefit from my most recent research.

Like many of you, I hate the way sunscreen feels and I don’t like wearing it every day especially if I’ve already put on a serum and a moisturizer before putting on my makeup. It’s just too much time and too many products! My normal SPF routine is to put SPF on when I’m hiking, biking, rollerblading, gardening and going to the beach. Do I put it on befor going to work, shopping and other activities where I’m minimally outdoors? Nope, not me, “I know when it’s important to wear and SPF I’m a working esthetician for goodness sake!”

Turns out, I am eating those words and they taste like wrinkles! I was doing a lot more damage on those “minimally outdoor” days than I thought. I’m a girl who can admit when I was wrong and boy was I wrong!

So what’s the truth? I could barely handle the truth, but here it is.  Daily use of sunscreen will keep us looking younger longer, and will help prevent skin cancers. The proof you ask?

A new study is out, a long study, that lasted over 4 ½ years. AND the people in this group didn’t have poor habits in the sun; most of them used sunscreen like I was using it when it seemed most necessary. This was also a very large study of over 900 adults younger than 55, so it’s not some fluffy study where they tested only a handful of people, which is very common in this business. Read the study for yourself here

They study participants were assigned to 4 groups as follows;

  1. Daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreen and 30 mg of Beta Carotene
  2. Daily use of sunscreen and a placebo (instead of the Beta Carotene)
  3. Discretionary use of sunscreen and 30 mg of Beta Carotene
  4. Discretionary use of sunscreen and a placebo (instead of the beta Carotene)

The group who used a sunscreen of SPF 15 or more daily, and re-applied it after washing, sweating, and being outside for several hours, had 24% less aging than the group using sunscreen at their discretion!

Meaning I, and maybe you, could be looking 24% younger right now and have less of a chance of developing skin cancer!

Need a little more proof? Me too, I always want more than one source and I’m here to share it with you!-

The US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, says “Chronic exposure to the sun also causes premature aging, which over time can make the skin become thick, wrinkled, and leathery. Since it occurs gradually, often manifesting itself many years after the majority of a person’s sun exposure, premature aging is often regarded as an unavoidable, normal part of growing older. However, up to 90 percent of the visible skin changes commonly attributed to aging are caused by the sun. With proper protection from UV radiation, most premature aging of the skin can be avoided.” source

Alright alright, I’ve been told and now you have also been told- by a  reputable study and by the EPA to put on our sunscreen daily, and even though I personally hate to be told what to do, I can’t argue with these study results.

So, since I read all this new information, I’ve been faithful to the daily application of a lightweight SPF of 15 or higher, by either using a hydrating sunscreen over the top of my antioxidant serum, followed by my makeup, or using a great tinted moisturizing SPF product such as a BB or CC cream. It’s not as time consuming or as many products as I thought.

Are you stepping up your SPF routine too?

In Health and Happiness

Juline Hamilton LC


P.S. – What were the results of the Beta-Carotene portion of the study you ask? Using beta-carotene has no overall effect on skin aging. But we should probably still eat our carrots, sweet potatoes, mango’s and cantaloupe! They’re so good for us in many other ways.

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