Things I told my daughter and son about skin care, hair care and nail care-

Do not get sunburned!

“If you come home from the beach with a sunburn, you’re grounded!”
When my two kids (now 20 and 17) were little I coated them with waterproof sunscreen while they were butt naked, and wouldn’t let them sit down or get dressed for 15 mins! Extreme? Maybe. A lot of naked baby butt? Yes. But so cute and they never burned.


Do not over-pluck your eyebrows!

Really this was more like “all you need to pluck are the stragglers because you don’t want to end up drawing them back on when your older and looking like a drag queen”. Suffice it to say my brows are intact (49) and so are my daughters (20) And let me tell you a full brow makes you look years younger! Enough said.

Lorellasukkiarini eyebrows

Wash your face!

You must wash off the day’s dirt! Use a cleansing wipe if it’s easier (and it is).This is essential as the days dirt is full of smog and oil based pollution which not only clog pores and aggravate acne but cause cell damage. Maybe a bit too much info for a child, but it resonated with my son and daughter. Washing your face at night is a solid habit just like brushing your teeth! You did brush your teeth right?

Do not wear a rubber band in your hair!

This will break the hair right off! Wherever you wear the rubber band you will have a ring of breakage. Said breakage will then stand up and look like a fright! If you can’t find a proper ponytail band, use a shoelace or grab a pen and jab it through your bun!

The right way to pop a pimple!

Does anyone else just find popping a pimple or extracting a blackhead super satisfying? I know you do because I’ve heard the confession from countless clients over the years. Trust me, I’m not scolding you, I do it too; I just want to point you in the right direction. I believe it’s good to get the infection out of there.  Here’s how;

First, the pimple/pustule must be ripe, or don’t try it as you can cause scaring.

Second, get your clean fingers underneath that bad boy so you don’t push the infection downwards.

Don’t forget number three! After you have the pus out you must apply something to kill bacteria such as benzoyl peroxide or an antibacterial lotion/toner. Soap and water at the very least but that won’t get down inside the pore where the P Acnes bacteria live.

Don’t feel bad about those pesky blackheads and your need to get them out either:

If you leave blackheads too long they will keep expanding and stretching out the pore which is never going to shrink no matter what your product says! It’s best to soften the pores for extraction with a desincrustation solution and some steam- DIY your own desincrustation mask at home and use up to 2 times a week. Mix baking soda and distilled water into a spreadable paste and apply to the skin. Let it sit on the affected area for 10-15 minutes while you steam your face. This will soften the follicle and help liquify the oil and dirt making extraction easy. Use fingertip wrapped in damp cotton or tissue, NOT  YOUR NAILS, to gently relieve the pores. Again get your fingers underneath so you don’t push it in deeper and wiggle back and forth until the blackhead comes out.  Another option is a blackhead extractor. I get mine at my local Asian cosmetic store but be careful with these as they’re sharp!  Also, two q-tips on either side of the blackhead work well too.

comedone extractor

Speaking of pimples…

To get rid of an underground pimple, those deep hard bumps that never seem to surface- Apply a AHA (glycolic or lactic) and let dry,  then apply benzoyl peroxide (only to the pimple) and let dry. Once dry, cover it with a sulfur type of mask and sleep in it. You should of course, have already WASHED YOUR FACE before this. This whole routine should only be done at night as I personally only recommend BP at night and of course you probably don’t what little white spots all over your face while running errands!

Do not let your manicure go Brittney status!

As in Brittney Spears chipped up, trashy looking nails. If you’re going to paint your nails make sure you have polish remover in the house. And if you MUST pick polish off, pick it all off. Don’t get lazy about it. Avoiding Brittney’s beauty habits is probably a good call.


Don’t bite your nails!

This was a, “do as I say, not as I do” statement, as I bit my nails as a kid and still am missing my thumbnails more often than not. But here is why you don’t want to bite your nails, besides the fact that it looks awful and you’re ingesting vile germs; it breaks the enamel off your teeth! This is damage that can only be fixed at the dentist office and will cost you $ that you would rather spend on beauty products! If you’re stressed, talk it out! Work it out! Or clean it out (as in clean anything in sight).

Speaking of teeth

“Brush your teeth twice a day and floss, floss floss! Otherwise your teeth will fall out of your head and/or look like zombie teeth”  It  was especially important for my cavity prone kids to brush after eating sugar, you don’t want your teeth “bathing in a sugar bath”! I showed them this nasty effect with my pro zombie teeth kit. I highly recommend this fun, yet gross experiment with your kids! Nothing like visual proof


Eat Healthy

If you ask my kids about the refrigerator growing up they will most likely have a lot to say, like it was empty or there was never anything good to eat,. The truth is it was empty…of junk food! And of all the statements above, I felt this was the most important piece of beauty advice I could give them.

Here is to all you mothers out there trying to keep your kids healthy and looking presentable!

Happy Mother’s Day

In Health and Happiness


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