The Vanity!

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with all things beauty.

It all started for me with my mothers vanity. It was a place of glamour and make-believe for a little girl and then became my first workspace when I started doing mine and my sisters hair and makeup for the little variety  performences we would put on in the living room. Then it became a bit more serious when I started applying the bleach and toner to my mothers hair! How many of my friends sat there in my mothers vanity chair, looking into the mirror, watching me transforming their beauty? Some friends were going to prom, some getting married but this space was where my love of all things beautiful grew 🙂 Today I still love the all out glamour of a beautiful vanity, don’t you?

Not my mothers vanity!

I’ve been wanting to write this beauty blog for forever! So let’s talk about skincare, haircare, makeup and all over beauty, inside and out! I will give you all my professional opinion hope that you all give me back your’s!

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